Simple Home Garden Inspiration

The simple front garden of the house is a necessity that must be owned by every occupant of the house because it is one of the best decorations. The garden in front of the house has many advantages. Starting from the addition of a small garden in front of the house that is quite easy to minimalist home models who want to look more attractive or even want the house to look as natural as possible even with a narrow land

The cost of operating a simple front garden is very low so it must be owned by every occupant of the house. You can add creative things such as the use of wood or hanging plants that if it fits with your design, then your house will look more unique. Here we present a few

1. Vertical Model Park.

Using a vertical model in the garden might help you decorate a narrow open space. You can put a small bucket of plants on the wall of your home. Also, you can put garden tools that make your garden look more natural and creative

2. Triangle Model Park.

Installing a garden with a triangle model like this is one of the creative ways you can do. If you have narrow land in your home, you should consider using this minimalist front garden model. This model can put your plants more organized and neat

3. Garden with a Glass Cabinet.

You can also use a glass cabinet to use as your garden. The use of cabinets in your garden will make your home like a science lab that adds to the aesthetics of your home

4. Park Under the Glass.

You can also use the glass in your home to be your mini garden. You can apply this method in any mirror. If you use it in your room’s glass, congratulations you will breathe fresh breath from your plants every day

5. Park around a small wall.

You can use the seat in front of your house to create a beautiful garden. If you don’t have one, you can build a small square wall and please fill the center with a garden

6. Park in the open space.

Do you have a place to relax or open living space that still has a lot of space? Try using this picture as your inspiration to build a garden in that place. You can put several potted plants in that place, in the picture, there are some flower pots arranged around that place

7. Model Park Fence.

This fence model you can make as an additional simple decoration in your front garden and it’s good if you use colors that match the color of your home. This fence model is suitable for you to grow trellis plants that are often found in various marketplaces

8. Park with Natural Stones.

If you have a front yard that has a rather high floor compared to the ground, try using this simple model home garden. You can plant various plants around it. To maximize the beauty of your home, you can also build a minimalist front garden mixed with natural stone as seen in the picture

9. Hanging Garden Pots.

The use of hanging pots in the garden in front of you can certainly maximize the aesthetics of the minimalist home you have, even with a narrow space. This hanging pot is very beautiful if you have a special design for the pot. We recommend using the dominant color in your home to maximize its beauty.

10. Large Pot Garden.

You can install a large pot to plant some of your beloved plants. If you install this simple garden in front of your house your house will look more elegant and look natural