How To Make Your Bedroom More Inviting

Having a bedroom is good, but having a bedroom that you look forward to relaxing in is even better. With people doing their house up recently, some may now have had the inspiration they need to commit to making their bedroom more inviting. In this article, we will do just that. This won’t be just by adding a range of bedroom prints this will be something that everyone can do.

Add Touches Of Wood

This can be any type of wood. Whether you have a small box room or a huge master bedroom, adding touches of wood to the bedroom gives a sense of comfort and cosiness. This can be with your furnishing or you could also put wood panelling on the walls to make a dramatic effect. There are many different wallpapers that imitate wood so you could even use that.

Add Floral To Your Room

We don’t want loud bold colours, but adding some plants or flowers to your bedroom will soften the look a little without it looking too much. You could opt for real plants, fake plants or you could even pick up some Botanical Wall Art. This will make the room pop with colour without it being too busy to relax.

Create Ambiance With Lighting

This can be done how you like. Just remember that you don’t want cold light, you want warm dimmed lighting so it wakes you up nicely in the morning and it doesn’t keep you up while resting. The best way to do this is to purchase a range of sources of lighting such as good quality bedside lamps, structured ceiling light and also plenty of natural light if you can get it.

Add Area Rugs

So the carpet is old, it holds dirt and to be honest, it’s ugly. No opt for hardwood flooring throughout the home. To make it cosier though you can add a range of rugs to create space in your bedroom. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you will do is put your feet on that cold floor, why not opt for a small rug that will go under the bed so it catches your feet. This will also add an extra layer of texture to a room. You could also place a few scattered around under a chair or table to make the space look more luxurious.

Shut Out Technology

Technology is absolutely everywhere. Whether you have Alexa in every room or have a TV in your bedroom or living room, you can’t escape it. Well, aim to make your bedroom a no-tech zone so you won’t be watching tv in bed or playing on your Ipad. Instead, opt for more natural elements such as fresh plants, a bookshelf with books you want to read and possibly even a reading area with a lamp and chair.

As you can tell there is a range of different things that you can do to make your bedroom more inviting, it is all down to personal preference to what makes you relax. Just steer away from bright colours or anything too bold.