Vegetable Definition And Examples

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Grow On A Strong Foundation And You’ll Produce Healthy, Nutritious Vegetables And Beautiful Flowers Year After Year.

You can now choose from an array of colourful choices, too. To discourage leaf-miners, do not plant chard near spinach or beets.

to three or more feet wide as an alternative of a single band on each row. With the extensive row system, extra space is producing vegetables and fewer area is used for cultivation between the rows.

Slow to mature, at 3 – 5 months, onions and leeks want moist soil with good drainage. Purchasing onion ”sets’ or small bulbs will shorten the time to maturity by four – 6 weeks. Bolting occurs when the plant goes to seed and the leaves stop growing. Bolting is caused by temperatures which might be persistently too high. To prevent bolting, plant lettuce in shaded area or plant next to a shading crop corresponding to tomatoes or peas.

Row covers can also be used to protect chard from leaf-miners. See Five Early Greens You Can Eat in Winter and Early Spring.

Saving vegetable seeds grown in Arkansas just isn’t a good practice. Many vegetable illnesses are transmitted via seed and planting diseased seed typically leads to extreme losses. Some greens corresponding to tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower should be transplanted as small plants rather than planted as seed. Wide-row planting is just broadcasting seeds in bands anywhere from 10 in.

Check along with your local seed provider to seek out cultivars best suited to your area. If only one planting is make, these vegetables might be available for a restricted time. Buy solely from dealers who’ve a reputation for handling good seed.