Top 3 things you can do when your flight to Norway is delayed!

It is definitely exciting to travel to a foreign country and experience all the things that you never have. You might even have thought of some crazy things you would do when you reach there, and well, almost everyone does that. But what if your flight gets delayed just before the departure? What would you do if the flight gets delayed due to unspecified reasons? Well, the situation might seem very frustrating and even devastating due to the reasons you might have to travel. But the thing is, you can do few things to handle the situation and make it possible to board the flight without further delay.

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The things to do when your flight to Norway is delayed!

Following are the things that you can, and you should do when your flight to Norway is delayed!

· Know your full rights!

You should know your full rights as a passenger as those rights can help you at certain points. If your flight has been drastically delayed, you can ask for a full refund, and if the airline declines to do so, you can even sue them for that. But the thing is, some airlines might create a problem if the delayed period is less than three or four hours. In that case, you will actually have to wait or force them to give you a refund so that you can book another flight.

So ease up the things; there are services in Norway that can help you get your money back. One of those services is that you can check out and see what you would have to do.

· Get in touch with customer service through different mediums

You should get in touch with the airline’s customer service in case your flight has been delayed. But a single call might not be enough. You can even tag the official airline’s social accounts and let them know how many problems you have been facing. This will definitely grab their attention and make them solve it as soon as possible.

· Keep an eye on the situation

Rather than just waiting for your flight to get rescheduled again, it is better to keep an eye on the situation. You can try to know the actual reason for the flight being delayed when it will resume, if there will be any further delays and other such things. It will help you make decisions accordingly as you would not want to miss your business meeting in Norway because of the flight being delayed. If the problem is drastic, you can simply go with another flight to solve your problem.

· The verdict!

The only thing that you will not have to do when your flight is delayed is panic. If you panic, the situation will seem worse than ever, and you will not be able to make the right decisions. So stay calm, evaluate the situation, and see how it can be solved.