Tips for Inspiring Family Home Design Ideas

In big cities, the need for shelter and shelter is very high. If you are a worker or executive who is young or single, of course, choose a residence that is comfortable enough to live alone or with friends, generally in the apartment. Likewise, if you are a newly married couple or have just one child, chances are you are still comfortable living in an apartment or boarding house . Over time, your family becoming more established and growing in membership will encourage you to consider living in a private home.

Private homes have many advantages compared to an apartment. By owning a house, you will have a private area that you cannot get while living in an apartment. In addition, by living in a private home, you can better utilize the area of   land outside the building according to taste, for example, making landscaping, adding swimming pools, fish ponds, and others that will add to the aesthetic value of the dwelling itself. With a high aesthetic value, it will become a plus when you are resting after your busy activities and daily activities.

 If you have decided to have a new home, the next step is to decide whether to buy a finished house or design and then build a house. Here we will not discuss further for those of you who prefer to buy finished houses. But when talking about building, of course, it is not out of looking for the best design for you and your family. Not only from the facade/appearance of the building but also the layout that will affect the lighting and air circulation inside.

1. Through the internet / Google

If you are a fairly busy person, looking for design inspiration can begin by utilizing the internet and the google search engine. In addition to looking for design tips, you can also directly look for potential architects to design your home. For example by typing the right keywords, on Google

2. Visiting an elite residential area

If you want to make the best home, of course, it makes sense if you want to mimic the design and shape of the best housing in your city. Believe me, by visiting the area you will get a lot of inspiration, especially if you want to save costs by building your own rather than buying from a housing developer for example in your chosen location. You can see how the facade of the house, the arrangement of the park, facilities, and others. Not only the exterior of the building, if the area is a new housing there is usually a show unit where you can get inspiration in interior design and layout.

3. Conducting direct consultations with architects

If you are ready with the initial concept and funding, you can just directly meet and consult with your dream architect’s future architect. Architects will usually give you some design inspiration and solutions for your desires. Before meeting with the architect, make sure you already know how typical and portfolio design architects they will be. In addition, before conducting a survey of your location, it is better for you to get complete information about the cost and procedure for designing architectural candidates. This is important to avoid incidents where you are already suited to the original concept of the architect but the design fees charged above your design budget. Architects charge a variety of fees for their services, depending on their experience, architectural style, and other factors. It should be noted, if you are not sure at the beginning you should look for the services of a good architect who will usually provide time for consultation and initial concepts for free. Also, be careful if you want to use an architect who charges a low price below the standard rate; usually, the image provided is incomplete, the experience is still minimal.