Charming and Beautiful Indoor Plants Types

Want to make a beautiful room in the house? Easy! Just add indoor plants as makeup. Not only make it beautiful and make the atmosphere beautiful, plants also have special properties that can be enjoyed by the whole house, you know. Come on, follow the indoor plants that are suitable for your home!

Mother-in-law’s Tongue Plant

Do you want the room to look beautiful and fresh with natural air? Just try this Mother-in-law’s Tongue indoor plant. Mother-in-law’s Tongue plant is very suitable as a beautiful indoor plant because it doesn’t need a lot of care, light, and water.

In addition to making the room look beautiful, this plant can also filter harmful oxides, such as carbon dioxide, formalin and benzene. Place Tongue-in-law on the display rack near the television, in the bathroom or bedroom so that the air in the house is fresher and cleaner.

Spider Plants

Don’t worry when you hear the name, the Spider Plant indoor plant appears with strands of green leaves that are charming in color. This plant is also classified as a fast-growing plant and can reach 60 centimeters in height.

The special position of the Spider Plant indoor plant is that it can act as a poison filter in the house while giving a natural impression in the room. Not only that, the Spider Plant can also absorb chemicals produced by leather and rubber. Spider Plant indoor plants are suitable for hanging in small pots that have been perforated so that they can develop properly.

Pachira Plant (Money Plant)

This type of ornamental plant is much loved as an indoor plant that can provide good feng shui values for the home, especially regarding financial luck, so it is often called the Money Plant. Not only that, this indoor plant works to produce oxygen at night so that the room in your house will be cooler and fresher.

Pachira plants or Money Plants are also very easy to sell. Enough watering every week, Pachira plants will develop slightly tilted with a bright green color. Vase variations such as small bottles, mason jars, to other leftover containers make these indoor plants even more beautiful.

Peace Lily Flowers

For those who like flower-shaped indoor plants, you can try Peace Lily which is as beautiful as its name. Without requiring a lot of direct sunlight, this indoor plant can bloom with rather large green leaves and charming white petals.

Not only beautiful, indoor plants which are also believed to be lucky plants have the ability to absorb toxic chemicals in the room, you know! A toxic substance that Peace can absorb Lily, a kind of chemical compound in house room paint or in some household equipment.

Yellow Palm

The yellow palm has the characteristics of long leaf sheaths covering the segmented stems. As an indoor plant, yellow palm creates a relaxed, tropical feel, but is always a sight to behold. You can place it in the living room, right next to a bed chair or rocking sofa.

Without needing to consume a lot of direct sunlight, you are quite active in giving it fertilizer so that the leaves are still shady. Also choose organic fertilizers so that their ability to absorb bad air in the room continues to be maximized. Don’t forget to give water regularly, because indoor plants grow productively in damp places.

Philodendron Ornamental Plants

This indoor plant called Philodendron creates a beautiful impression with charming details. The leaves develop in the form of a heart with strands separated by an attractive green color. Philodendron can grow in low light conditions.

Without the need for a lot of care, this plant is suitable to be placed in the inner corner of the living room because it is not suitable for small children and pets. This is because the Philodendron plant contains calcium oxalate crystals which are quite a risk to health if consumed. Even so, these indoor plants can always purify the air in your home.

Asparagus Fern

The decorative accents of Asparagus Fern make it a unique and attractive indoor plant. This plant is perfect for planting in the form of hanging pots or flower vase decorations so that it is not easily reached by children or pets. The hanging position will also continue to maximize its aesthetics as a house plant.

Not only for room decoration, indoor plants can also remove formaldehyde compounds which are usually found in wooden furniture, such as beds or wardrobes. Therefore, the Asparagus Fern indoor plant is perfect for those of you who have a lot of furniture or household furniture made of wood.

Aloe Vera

This is aloe vera, a plant of a million people that is very popular, both as a garden plant and as an indoor plant. Not only is it well-known as a plant that has beauty benefits, this aloe vera indoor plant is also known to be useful for destroying benzene compounds which can have unfavorable effects on health. The benzene compound itself is generally listed in the house paint. You can put this aloe vera plant on your desk or study table so that your mind is fresher.