9 Benefits of Flower Gardens for the Environment

A flower garden is an area planted with various varieties of flowers. Flower gardens are not like city parks, which must at least have a large area. You can even create a small flower garden in your yard.

In Indonesia, there are several flower gardens which are specifically used as places for research, conservation, as well as places for recreation for the general public. One of them is In fact, there are many benefits of flower gardens that people today may not be aware of. You can see the benefits of this flower garden below.

Herbal Plant Supplies

Having a flower garden in the neighborhood or in the yard has hidden benefits that not everyone is aware of. One of them is the benefits of flower plants as a supply of natural herbal medicines. Some flowers that have the benefit of treating various diseases include:

Gardenia flowers (greens) which can be used as a medicine for diabetes, hepatitis, nosebleeds, fever, toothache, and so on. In addition, this flower is also useful for blood circulation and can prevent blood clots. Its anti-inflammatory properties can prevent inflammation and are anti-biotic against various germs and bacteria

Soka flower which is often used as a pain killer or painkiller, lowers high blood pressure, improves blood circulation, treats bruises from blows, and improves menstrual circulation. (Also read the Benefits of Ashoka Plants)

Hibiscus flowers are able to treat bronchitis, whooping cough, cough with phlegm, and coughing up blood mucus, tuberculosis, nosebleeds, urinary tract infections, menstruation, dysentery, and gonorrhea. (Also read the benefits of hibiscus flowers and the benefits of hibiscus leaves)

Research Materials

Various plants including flowers can be research materials for both students and researchers. The flowers studied will certainly increase knowledge about their benefits and role in nature. Research results can be used as a contribution to science and survival in the future. Some of the benefits of flowers may be able to cure various diseases for which there is currently no cure. However, nature has actually provided all human needs, therefore knowledge about nature is very important for our survival. (Also read: Benefits of Research)

Greening the Earth

By planting flowers we can help green the earth. A green earth certainly has a positive impact on humans. At this time there is a lot of development that actually robs green areas so that we can see very little plants in the surrounding environment. Reforestation can also reduce the greenhouse effect which has become a global problem recently.

Cleaner Air

Every green plant including flowers has the ability to reduce carbon dioxide. Every plant will photosynthesize by absorbing carbon dioxide and during the process of photosynthesis it will convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. So it can be said that plants can inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen into the air. As a result, the air becomes cleaner. In contrast to plants, humans inhale oxygen to breathe and exhale lots of carbon dioxide into the air. In addition, humans also produce other air pollution, mainly through vehicle pollution and factory smoke.

Relaxation Place

When construction continues to be carried out in the middle of urban areas, many people choose to go on vacation to the countryside just to see the greenery of plants and the colors of flowers. Seeing so many varieties of flowers that have bloomed can mysteriously soothe our eyes and hearts. The beauty of the flower garden can also make our brains relax and make our mood good.

Recreation Facilities

Flower gardens can also be used as a recreation area with family or friends when the holidays arrive. One of the flower gardens that is often used as a place of recreation

Relaxing Place

Apart from being a recreation area, flower gardens can also be a place for us to relax from the fatigue of everyday work. Just looking at the colorful flowers while chatting with friends or family can certainly relieve the stress we experience.

Maintaining the Surrounding Ecosystem

An ecosystem is a community unit and its environment that forms a reciprocal relationship between each of its components. Flower plant ecosystems are very diverse. Flowers are not only useful for humans but the environment around them. Insects such as bees and butterflies need pollen as food for them and flowers also need insects to spread flower pollen which will grow new flowers.

The flower essence produced by the bees will be stored and stockpiled to a large extent and make quality honey which is eventually also consumed by humans. So the flower ecosystem is very important not only for the beauty and life of the animals around it but also for human life.

Not only animals that experience plant extinction may also experience species extinction. Just try to remember the flowers that you may often see in your environment may not be seen anymore. Therefore awareness of the environment is also very important. At least creating a small flower garden around the house will help the preservation of flower varieties.

Those are the benefits of a flower garden that are important to realize. The beauty and uniqueness of flowers makes flower plants often sought after and cultivated. Not infrequently shops that sell flowers such as roses. But there are many more varieties of roses that we don’t know about. The world of flora is as vast as the world of fauna. Maybe the flower that grows in your yard is one of the flowers that can be used as herbal medicine or maybe it has become a rare flower. So let’s take care and preserve it.